Community Service

“I always emphasize upon two things to my community, education and good character. Education alone is not enough for a society to progress and live harmoniously.”

(Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA in discussion with the former President of India)

Community Service Requirement for QJSP Students to Emphasize the Importance of Good Character

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA believed that goodness of character and education are two factors that’s are fundamental to the development and prosperity of the community and the nation. One of the major criteria for selection of candidates is their involvement in community services and activities. By participating in Community Services, students are introduced to good morals and values like humbleness, gratefulness, honesty and respect.

Every QJSP candidate must complete 40 hrs of Community Service in a year (which includes 20 hrs of services for one’s community and the rest 20 hrs for the general society) in order to be eligible for renewal of financial aid. As per the QJSP contract, Community Services include activities such as spending time at orphanages – Teach, donate clothes,books etc., spending time at old age homes, participating in food drives etc. You can also take up a project of your choice such as tree planting, road safety etc. upon receiving approval from the Community Service Coordinators.

The hours spent in community service will help the students realize their educational, social and developmental goals as well as help their application for scholarship and financial aid in the coming years. QJSP Students are required to fill this form on a quarterly basis to report their activities.

I’ve been volunteering weekly at a local homeless shelter, serving food to hungry people in need who come from all over West Los Angeles. The homeless populations in LA and other large metropolitan cities are growing rapidly unimpeded, and this epidemic places increased pressure upon city officials and humanitarian organizations to mitigate their plight. Through serving generous portions of food to each starving visitor, I’ve become more aware of the hardships different people with varied backgrounds face consistently on a daily basis. And, I feel personally satisfied knowing that my small act of kindness will have a profound and hopefully positive effect on those individuals’ lives.

Khuzaima Rangwalla (QJSP Student since 2015)

The community service program is quite unique and influential in the scheme of scholarships as it places the student in the shoes of the needful and brings about a practical realisation of unfulfilled dreams in our country. I have particularly made an effort to visit any orphanage on my birthdays and share the celebration. The happiness and the drive to do more is unmatched.

Hatim Cyclewala (QJSP Student since 2014)