We will present an annual year end report to our donors. The names and reports of students who receive the scholarship will also be published in this report. QJSP’s general policy is to grant an average of 40% of the scholarship in full, the rest of the scholarship amount will be structured as an interest free soft student loan, repayable once the student graduates and begins earning.

QJSP is a dedicated program set up within the Zahara Hasanat Trust. Zahra Hasanat is a Charitible Trust registered with the Indian Charity Commissioner (Regn. No. E 24221 M) and it is approved for 80G Tax Exempt Status, it is also approved by the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA). QJSP, as an independent program within Zahra Hasanaat, aims to develop a specific endowment fund to sponsor higher education. Although QJSP is under the Zahra Hasanaat umbrella, it will maintain independent accounts.

If you would like to contribute, please email contact@qjsp.org.  Tax exemptions are applicable for all donations within India and the USA.