The Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program (QJSP) was founded by our revered father, Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA on the eve of the Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2011. These celebrations commemorated the completion of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA 50 years as the 52nd Dai-l-Mutlaq and also the 50 years of Syedna Qutbuddin as the trusted Mazoon-l-Mutlaq of Syedna Burhanuddin. QJSP aims to raise awareness of the importance of higher education especially within the Dawoodi Bohra community and to help students achieve their full potential – making sure that financial incapacity would not stand in the way of their success.

Since its conceptualization, this program has coupled the importance of good character and education. Every stage of the process encourages and promotes high standards of academic scholarship as well as community service. QJSP is an academic scholarship fund as well as a holistic support system, that aims to guide and nurture its students through a mentorship network so that they may achieve their full potential.

The program continues to grow from strength to strength with the blessings, guidance and patronage of Syedna Qutbuddin’s RA successor, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS.